Excellent stone paper printability
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Excellent stone paper printability

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As you know: Supplementary printing services are called sets of processes such as coatings, laminates, cellophane coatings, etc., which increase the resistance of cellulose thin and brittle fibers in ordinary paper to factors such as moisture, dust and temperature changes.

stone paper exhibits a completely different behavior in the printing process with digital devices because it is free of any cellulose fibers.
This paper is completely waterproof. While the temperature changes have no effect on the size of this paper. So obviously no additional printing services are needed.

Why is stone paper Printing Quality?

The absence of short, long cellulose fibers and the homogeneous texture of this paper results in the ink not penetrating the inner tissue and consuming the ink much less than other papers.

Interesting to know: The presence of a lint on the texture of ordinary paper reduces the useful life of the printing machines, while the lint has no lint on its surface and is quite soft and velvety.

As stated above, it is well known that printing on stone paper compared to printing on wood paper, in addition to high quality, eliminates additional steps and reduces final cost and shortens printing time. .
Also, the stone paper is completely dry as soon as it gets out of the delivery section of the printing machine and requires no care.

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Stone paper is a new generation of paper, the raw material being stone powder that replaces the use of tree sticks to produce paper. Its properties are waterproof, tear resistance, the magical effect of the paint on it and ultimately its reversibility to the soil during the short recovery period..

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What is the reason for the waterproofing of stone paper?

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Stone paper has many unique features, most importantly waterproof. You might ask why this paper is waterproof if other papers are damaged by proximity to water?
Stone paper is a mineral paper and is produced from limestone residues that have a character different from the other paper we have seen so far. It is regarded as a major revolution in the world paper industry.

This amazing paper is waterproof and moisture resistant even after it is printed or written on it

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