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Arta Kia Kosar factory is currently under construction with a capacity of 120,000 tons per year with the most up-to-date world-class devices and modern technology.

Mr. Karim Jahazi

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Dr. Hooman Jahazi

Director of International Relations and Board Member

Mr. Hamid Reza Jazazi

Managing Director

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Stone paper is a new generation of paper, the raw material being stone powder that replaces the use of tree sticks to produce paper. Its properties are waterproof, tear resistance, the magical effect of the paint on it and ultimately its reversibility to the soil during the short recovery period..

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What is the reason for the waterproofing of stone paper?

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Stone paper has many unique features, most importantly waterproof. You might ask why this paper is waterproof if other papers are damaged by proximity to water?
Stone paper is a mineral paper and is produced from limestone residues that have a character different from the other paper we have seen so far. It is regarded as a major revolution in the world paper industry.

This amazing paper is waterproof and moisture resistant even after it is printed or written on it

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