What is the reason for the waterproofing of stone paper?

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Stone paper has many unique features, most importantly waterproof. You might ask why this paper is waterproof if other papers are damaged by proximity to water?
Stone paper is a mineral paper and is produced from limestone residues that have a character different from the other paper we have seen so far. It is regarded as a major revolution in the world paper industry.

This amazing paper is waterproof and moisture resistant even after it is printed or written on it

Stone paper has a smooth and uniform texture

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stone paper has a soft, uniform texture that gives it a distinctive beauty and makes it suitable for various industries such as printing and advertising. This softness and softness is unique among paper products.

The texture of the stone paper is such that no pores can be seen on the surface and its cause can be found in the skillful composition of its ingredients.

The composition of the material is so homogeneous, that there is not the slightest bump on the surface of the stone paper, in other words it has a non-granular texture.

Excellent stone paper printability

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Additional Printing Services

As you know: Supplementary printing services are called sets of processes such as coatings, laminates, cellophane coatings, etc., which increase the resistance of cellulose thin and brittle fibers in ordinary paper to factors such as moisture, dust and temperature changes.

stone paper exhibits a completely different behavior in the printing process with digital devices because it is free of any cellulose fibers.

stone paper with durability

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Durable and durable papers will be very useful for printing important documents as well as exquisite books. stone paper with this capability is different from other papers and is a good choice for this purpose.

You may also have seen the books turn yellow after a short while. This yellowing, known as aging, occurs as a result of the breakdown of plant cells in the tissue of cellulose paper and the leakage of internal materials due to factors such as cold and warming and exposure to moisture.

Influence of stone paper on ambient temperature

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The inability of stone paper to be influenced by ambient temperature is one of the positive things that is less appreciated. However, this feature makes stone paper good printability in addition to its durability and longevity.
This ineffectiveness is important because this paper retains its size at different times and also increases and decreases in ambient temperature and does not change size.

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